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Carl is co-founder of the 18.26 Network along with Jud and Jan Lamos. Carl and Becky are long-term missionaries with Mission to the World having served with MTW since 1990. 


They led a church-planting team in the Czech Republic for 15 years and started a church-planting facilitative work in Latvia, spending another five years there.  Carl has recently led Millennial generation studies for MTW.  Becky is a gifted teacher of English as a second language (ESL).  They share strong gifts in organization (Carl) and concerted prayer (Becky).  Carl is the 18.26 Network’s Chief Operations Officer. 

Carl oversees the US based operations, interviews all potential vocational missionaries and works on training of new vocational missionaries. 

Carl was working as a chemist when he accepted Christ in 1976. Becky has known Christ as her Savior since childhood and is the daughter of deceased PCA pastor Dr. Robert (Mary Alice) Duhs.  The Chaplins married in 1978 and have three married grown children: Ellis, Rob and Carolann. Carl served as pastor of Grace PCA in Jackson, TN from 1982 to 1989.

Carl and Becky are MTW missionaries. You may support them by going to this link: