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We live in an increasingly interconnected world.  If you want to study, or work, in another culture you need to know if your story translates.  What do we mean by that?  Are you interesting?  Are you thought-provoking?  Are you someone that others want to know?  There is only one way to find out.  Explore.  Dive in!  Get out there and tell your story.  Listen to the stories of the people you meet.  Perfect your narrative.

Ways we help you tell your story...

As this project developes, read the new article series on the purpose and plan for Narratives For Life written by Jud Lamos, the Chief Executive Director of the 18.26 Network. 

Narratives for Life Introduction

Your Story

How Does Your Story (About God’s Story) Impact the Stories of Those Around You?

Pardon Me Neighbor!

Did I Just Bump Into You By Chance? Or Could This Be a Meaningful Encounter?

Our Mission: Shalom

Just Suppose That God  Designed You To Do Exactly What You Do Best!

Article Series

Personal Narrative

Professional Narrative

Holistic Narrative

Exploring Who You Are
In a Interconnected World

Shaping the Future of Global Leadership

Making Change Possible
Through Personal and Professional Involvement

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