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Director of Office Operations

Debbi was Jud’s administrative assistant when he directed the work of MTW’s restricted access countries.  She has had various jobs handling Claims, Subrogation and Workers Compensation for insurance companies between 1989 and 2000.  In 2000, Debbi went to work with Mission to the World.
A move to Chattanooga with her husband’s job took her away from Mission to the World and she worked for three years as the assistant to the Senior Pastor of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. In 2013, Jim had a job change and they moved to Hattiesburg, MS where they remained for three years and were members of First Presbyterian Church (PCA).  They returned to the Chattanooga area in 2016 where they are now. Debbi began working for the 18.26 Network in July 2017 as the Office Manager.

Jim and Debbi are members of Northshore Fellowship.  Debbi is involved in volunteer work with Room in the Inn, The Next Door and Hope for the Inner City. Debbi and Jim have been lay leaders in a number of local churches.  Jim has been CFO for several businesses including those with overseas operations.  Jim is using his business background to provide invaluable financial advice for the 18.26 Network.

Debbi's salary is paid from an MTW project. You may contribute to it using this link:

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